Cyrosculpting and Beauty Clinic


"Cryosculpting is a unique non-surgical body contouring procedure, which provides a safer alternative to liposuction surgery. (No needles, no surgery and no downtime!)  Cryosculpting is a clinically proven fat freezing, fat-reduction technology approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA)." 


$599 - small areas 

$899 - large areas

Consultations: $20 (paid upon scheduling)

Cyrosculpting Package Deals:

$1299 for 2 large areas

$2950 entire body (all areas listed excluding double chin)

One Small Area Includes (one of the following):

Entire lower stomach (including love handles!)

Both arms

Both inner thighs

Entire front-side waist (upper stomach) 

Upper back 

Lower back (and love handles!)

Both hips/outer thighs region

Both calves and surrounding areas

One Large Area Includes (one of the following):

Entire Stomach (lower, love handles and waist)

Entire Back (lower, upper and love handles)

Buttocks and hips

Results quoted at your consultation are GUARANTEED or your next session  is  on us. All guarantees valid up to 2 sessions for the area you were originally treated for.  

**3% processing fee will be added on for all credit card transactions.   We accept cash or check (with photo ID) in addition to most major credit card carriers and CareCredit financing**  

Please call for further pricing questions or if the area you are interested in is not listed:


Procedural Information

       Studies have shown  that patients can lose 20-30% of fat in the treated area in one session alone!

                 The Difference From Coolsculpting
Although similar, Cyrosculpting also uses warm-freeze toning techniques first, before the  process that induces apoptosis begins thus reducing procedural time by a third!

 Also Cyrosculpting has a better "feathering" affect due to non-vacuum applicators that utilize newer technology to prevent any spacing pockets between applicators, as is often seen in traditional fat-freezing procedures.  The result is a more contoured, smooth finish without risk of indentation, or unfeathered fat pockets in between the treated areas.

 Cyrosculpting treats the entire width of an area at once (front/sides or back/sides dependent on the area chosen) whereas Coolsculpting and other procedures require multiple areas treated as confined separate sections to achieve results.  

                             Why it Works
Most diets and exercise programs shrink fat cells but never actually eliminate them. Cyrosculpting actually breaks the fat cell membranes so that the body no longer recognizes them as functional fat cells and works to discard them as waste. 
This process allows your fat cells to be safely and naturally eliminated through your bodies' lymphatic system, resulting in permanent fat loss.

         Will I need multiple Cyrosculpting treatments?
 If you only have a little stubborn fat to lose, you might do just fine with a single Cyrosculpting treatment. If you have thicker fat deposits though (typically defined as two or more subcutaneous inches), you might need a package of about 2-3 Cyrosculpting sessions, each spaced at least a month apart.  Not to worry,  we offer discounts for each additional treatment so talk to your specialists about our package options so that we can help make your treatment custom to your body as well as your budget.

Note that it takes your body time to eliminate all of that destroyed fat! Be patient: Your body is hard at work getting rid of treated fat particles. Patients typically do not start seeing results until 3-4 weeks after their first Cyrosculpting session, with optimal results around the 16-week mark.

Individual results may vary