Cyrosculpting and Beauty Clinic


Our Philosophy

At the Cyrosculpting and Beauty Clinic our goal is to re-shape your body into something you are proud of, without having to sacrifice everything to do so.  Affordability and your time are valuable to us so we ensure the most affordable prices possible and only preform procedures that are proven efficient and effective. 

 It is our belief that when  we look the way we want it creates confidence and often reshapes our lives and daily interactions for the better. We want to give you this boost to take on the world with confidence while maintaining balance in other areas of life. 

When the expenses of weight loss pills, special foods, supplements, gym memberships, skincare and other devices/programs are truly counted, studies have shown that the average female American consumer spends an avg of   $350/month (that's $4200/year!) on health and beauty, specifically on trying to get better skin and lose weight.  This is wasted, continual expense as the results are never truly achieved and most of these solutions do not offer long-term, practical solutions that permanently last.  

Here at the Cyrosculpting and Beauty clinic we ensure that the money you invest into your body achieves long-term results so the cycle of throwing money and effort into practices with minimal results is over.  Instead of slowly but surely spending thousands a year on an array of ineffective attempts, we allow you to  invest once into your body (for less than the cost of what would spend in a year anyways) into procedures that are proven effective for your weight loss and beauty goals permanently.

 Why Us?

We offer the most affordable prices in the state and offer state of the art service, care and after-care by licensed cyrosculpting providers under the supervision of our world-re known medical director Dr. Ketan Patel, MD.  With  over 15 years of body contouring and plastic surgery experience, and practices in California, Arizona and now Minnesota, Dr. Ketan Patel, MD  and staff provide quality services that you can trust at a price you can actually afford.